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Overboard Bar & Grille Ping Pong

Chattanooga Overboard Bar & Grille

Happening in the Overboard Bar & Grille. Come throw your hat into the mix and try to beat some of the best ping pong players in Chattanooga. The entry to the ping pong game is the best burger in Chattanooga and an ice-cold beer!

We have a very large area right in front of the Overboard Bar & Grille’s awesome outdoor patio that overlooks the TN River and the Tennessee Aquarium! We have custom handcrafted wooden ping pong tables that also double as dining tables when ping pong is not being played. Don’t worry, the tables play exactly like the tables you are accustomed to playing, just a lot prettier to look at!

These ping pong tables are open all day long every day for anyone to enjoy! Whether the best player in Chattanooga or a little kid playing with their parent, all are welcome! Speaking of the Overboard Bar & Grille is a great place to have any age party! Because of all of our games including ping pong, foosball, darts, corn hole and life-size Jenga every age can have fun at our restaurant! The best parties are when parents and kids come! Have fun with the whole family in The Overboard Bar & Grille!

Adult parties are the best! Want to throw a killer party, but don’t want the hassle of cooking and cleaning? The Overboard Bar & Grille is the perfect solution for you! Come up and have as much fun as you want, trust me we want you to have fun! We will clean everything up so you can enjoy the real fun, spending time with your loved ones! Who knows maybe after your experience with us our staff at the Overboard Bar & Grille will become your loved ones!

The Overboard Bar & Grille is gearing up for Ping Pong Tournaments, where you’ll get awarded the gold paddle! Join us for cold drinks, great burgers, cool atmosphere and try your hand at a little table tennis to get your competitive spirit going! We’ll have tournaments on a regular basis with your name on a plaque hanging in the Overboard Bar & Grille!

Call Joy or Daniel at 423.266.4488 to customize your event around your budget and needs!