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Valentine’s Day Cruise


Some of our favorite cruises throughout the year are our specialty cruises! And our Valentine’s Day Cruise might just be the best one! We offer 4 Valentine’s themed cruises, a sweetheart luncheon cruise during the day Saturday, on the Southern Belle Riverboat. The riverboat has 2 beautiful Valentine’s Dinner cruises that evening, and then of course the day of Valentine’s Day we’ll have an awesome romantic cruise through downtown Chattanooga on the TN River!

What a way to celebrate with your loved one! All the staff at the company get so spoiled because we get to come and work with awesome guests everyday and it takes place on a 1985 riverboat on the water. The boat crew will sit back sometimes and reflect on what an awesome life experience it is to be able to do this everyday! Just being on the water for some reason is magic, and I think the electricity from the river and also the love of the riverboat and the lifestyle the water brings you translates beautifully to the guest! And this is very apparent on days like Valentine’s when appreciation meets reality.

A lot of times everyone gets so caught up in the day to day grind, they don’t take time to step back and evaluate and appreciate exactly what awesome things and people they have in their lives and our specialty cruises, such as Valentine’s Dinner cruises are a perfect meld between appreciation and reality. There is magic in the water!

We had an unbelievable turnout for our 4 Valentine’s lunch and dinner cruise and also our 1 sightseeing cruise on Sunday. We saw nearly 1300 of our favorite come on board and spend some time with us. Everything was perfect, everyone was happy and it was a week the crew of the Southern Belle Riverboat will never forget and I hope that our valued guests will never forget and hopefully we see as many return guests as we did this year!

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