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Fresh Burger Bar


We have been working on our dockside restaurant, The 3rd Deck Burger Bar! This year already we have added 6, 55 inch big screen TV’s, 6 custom made made wooden ping pong tables that double as dining tables for private parties, a brand new awesome wooden dining table that fits 12 ppl, and we repainted 2/3 of the entire bar and grille!

The 3rd deck Burger Bar, home of the best burger in Chattanooga, has a frsh fun new feel to it. It has always been a great place to come hang out with your friends, sit back relax and enjoy a cold beer and some wings! But, now it has a fresh new feel! We have a had a free poker league in the bar for the last 4 years on Mondays and we have now teamed up with Tommy at Chattanooga Sports League and created a beer league in the bar! We have also added a ping pong league on Wednesdays as well that will be played on the custom made wooden ping pong tables!

We are looking forward to an unbelievable year for the 3rd Deck Burger Bar with the help of some of our key people, our most flavorful barkeep who is also the 3rd Deck Burger Bar Manager is Dakota Case and if you haven’t met him, you need to come have a drink with him in the bar! He would love to show you his bar tricks!

We have made some changes to the menu as well and are actually in talks with our national food distributor, and have a meeting in February on plate scraping for the Southern Belle Riverboat! Hopefully the lessons we learn in the meeting with a nationally recognized chef will bring some neat change to the menu of the 3rd Deck Burger Bar as well!

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