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Trip To Seattle

Space NeedleMyself, Jonathan Reinert, the kitchen manager, Joe, and the bookkeeper, Jordan all traveled to Seattle for

the annual PVA convention at the Washington State Convention Center! The company has never been before, but with a new emphasis on the guest experience on The Southern Belle Riverboat, we had noticed some key note speeches by some very powerful people in the industry and decided we need to hear these speeches come from the best businesses in the field and take some of that knowledge back to our operation.

We drive to the airport Thursday afternoon for our 5:05 pm flight out of BNA to SEA. We arrive at the

Seattleairport, pay for parking and go to check in our bags. The lady asks for our name and flight number and we tell her and she says I dont see your name, so I pull out my piece of paper and realize that we have driven up an entire day too early! How not one of us noticed or even remembered that our flight wasn’t until Friday I have no idea, maybe it was the excitement of seeing a new city that blinded us. Luckily they had the same flight Thursday and had open seats.

We get to Seattle and got to the hotel. Wake up the next morning and we HAD to go to the The Stabucks

roasting room! This place was phenomenal, one of the coolest buildings and event halls and coffee shops I

Powellshave ever been in. We did all the Seattle attractions and even took a train down to Portland! If you’re in Seattle i highly recommend making your way down to Portland, very cool and unique city with foodie vibes a craft beer vibes.

Enough with the fun, now the nuts and bolts of the trip, The PVA conference 2017 was an awesome success for the Chattanooga Riverboat Co. and we brought back unbelievable knowledge and know how to

our operation! It was very cool to see how all the other operators of vessels around the United States run

Seattletheir businesses and sharing stories with them about day to day operation was fascinating! An experience that will greatly and positively affect the operations at The Southern Belle Riverboat!

More to come about what all I learned on this awesome 5 day, well 6 day adventure in Seattle…

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